Things Every Child Should Hear From Their Parents To Strengthen Their Self-Esteem

All parents hope that their children will grow up to become strong, independent and responsible in the future. You want your child to be successful and happy. In order to make this a reality they lay a lot of stress on the development of their child during childhood. This is the perfect time to start encouraging them and giving them the necessary tools so that, ultimately, they can achieve everything they set their minds to. By reinforcing their self-esteem and helping them to trust themselves and manage their emotions, your children will be ready to face the adult world with courage, determination and confidence. Here are a few things you every child should hear from their parents to strengthen their self-esteem.

1. “You Can Count On Me” Or “I’m Here To Help You”

We all need a helping hand sometimes, especially if those hands are tiny. Whenever you see your little one doubt themselves or hesitate to do something they really want to do, assist them! Maybe they’re afraid to do it alone or just don’t know how, whatever the reason is, let them know that they can count on you to help them through the process. Show them that you are there to support them by getting as involved as they’d like you to be. Just knowing that you are there for them will encourage them to try and they may succeed, even if you don’t have to help them.

It is vital that your child knows that they can come to you with any problems they have. Using phrases like these reinforces the bond that parents have with their kids which enables them to trust their parents. This in turn gives them a lot of self confidence and self-esteem. Because they know if something bad happens, you’ve always got their back.

2. “I Love You”

It’s obvious that parents love their children. We take care of them, dote on them, make sure they have access to opportunities that we didn’t, encourage their talents and interests and care for their wellbeing. But your child still needs you to verbally affirm that you love them. There’s no harm in reminding them that you love them now and then. In fact, it benefits your kids greatly. It strengthens family bonds and improves communication. And gives your kids peace of mind and self confidence as they feel like they are always surrounded by love. This in turn can help them love and accept those around them and themselves for who they truly are. Being secure in yourself boosts your self-esteem and changes the way you hold yourself and solve problems for the better, as you learn to put your self-worth first. So, tell your kids you love them every chance you get.

3. “Do You Forgive Me?”

Everyone makes mistakes occasionally and parents are not exempt from this universal truth. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just mess up. Maybe you said something hurtful unintentionally or lost your cool and yelled at the kids, whatever the case may be, saying sorry helps. Parents forget that in order to teach their kids how to apologize they first have to show them how. So the next time you feel like you’ve been unfair or mean, put your ego aside and apologize to your child.

Good parents know that their children will only respect them more for being real and open with them. And remember, a person who can admit to their weaknesses is a strong person! Take this one step further by asking your kids to forgive you. Learning how to forgive is a skill that your child will benefit from. It will teach them how to empathize and respect the feelings of others. So, the next time you mess up, explain where you went wrong, how you feel about it, and what you’ve learned from it so your children can understand and apply it as well.

4. “Your Opinion Is Important To Me”

Everyone wants to feel like their contributions are valuable to the family. Even if all you want is the best for your children, parents must be careful not to lead their kids into thinking that they must always do things their way. Listening to your children’s point of view and listening to their inputs will give you some insight into your kids and their lives. It will also help you navigate a healthier relationship with them. Your little one’s opinions are important. It dictates how they think, what they value and how they will be able to make future decisions. And since a large part of adulthood is decision-making, you must encourage them to share their opinions as much as possible. This can increase their self-esteem in relation to solving problems easily in the future.

Raising kids is never easy. There are so many things to teach them and so many things to protect them from. But with a little self-esteem, they will soon be ready to face the world by themselves. Happy parenting!

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