The Safest Ways To Cut Baby Nails

Manicure and pedicure are crucial for a baby as an adult. However, cutting or filing your baby’s nails is not the most straightforward job. Parents can get into trouble with the possibility of overcutting their baby’s nails or chipping their fingers. But leaving their nails to grow dirty is not a wise solution as babies have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. Therefore, maintaining the baby’s safety while scratching or playing with their hands is essential.

Today, we’ll discuss why cutting your baby’s nails is essential and, most notably, how to cut them correctly and efficiently.

Why You Should Cut Baby Nails

Parents should give proper attention to their baby’s nails. During the first few months, babies have tiny, fragile nails. However, as they grow, their nails turn hard. But growing is not the problem. When a baby touches its face or other body parts with its hand, there can be a specific chance of scratching itself.

So, it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep their nails trimmed to minimize the chances of their baby hurting themselves accidentally. Additionally, parents can get scratched or injured by their nails while holding the baby.

Moreover, one should cut their baby’s nails to maintain good hygiene. Baby’s nails might get infected by germs or even an ingrown nail that can cause severe pain and health complications.

When To Trim Their Nails

In the beginning, babies’ nails are soft and unharming, but in a matter of weeks, their nails can turn hard and become uneasy about peeling off. So, typically they don’t need to be cut in the first few weeks as they get worn down by natural interactions and clothes. But after a while, you can switch to baby nail clippers to cut down their nails properly.

You can also use a nail file to keep their nails smooth and of a suitable shape. The best time to trim down their nails is just after the bath, as the baby is pretty relaxed, and its nails are softer than usual after bathing.

Additionally, your baby will require nail trimming twice a week in the beginning, and later on, the nail growing process will slow down, so you can cut them accordingly. Finally, don’t forget to clean their nails if you find dirt inside them.

How To Trim Baby Nails

Cutting your nails is much easier than a baby’s as you can control your muscles properly, but no baby lies inactively and is always on the roll. So, if you want to trim their nails easily and safely, follow these effective tips:

1. Distract Your Baby: When the baby is awake, it’s a heavy task to keep them unfocused from clenching their fists tightly. So, you can distract them by either calmly speaking or singing to them. You can also make them play with their toys while cutting their nails.

2. Let The Baby Sleep: Your baby will not twist or move while asleep if you are lucky. This position is preferred to trim their nails.

3. Have Enough Room Light: Whenever you are about to trim your baby’s nails, always remember to have adequate lighting in the surroundings. It will help you perform the task efficiently and reduce the chances of finger cuts.

4. Have A Helper: If your baby isn’t staying quiet, try to calm it. But if it’s not working, you can ask another family member to hold the baby to cut their nails properly without hurting them.

5. Only Use Baby Nail Clippers: You should only use baby nail clippers, not regular nail clippers, to trim their nails as they are more suitable for babies. In addition, they are perfect for small-sized nails and prevent you from cutting your fingers.

6. Use A Nail File: You should use a nail file gently to smoothen their nails after successfully cutting them.

7. Avoid Biting Their Nails: Sometimes, parents try to cut their nails by biting, which can be very unhealthy for the baby and spread infections.

What If The Fingernail Bleeds

Don’t worry if the unexpected occurs and you cut a finger or toe. Just use lukewarm water to clean the wound and sterile cotton or cloth to cover it. Put a little pressure on it and hold it for a moment. Usually, the bleeding ceases very fast. You may use some antibiotic cream but stay away from bandages because they could provide your baby with a choking hazard.

When To Consult A Doctor

If you see swelling or redness near your baby’s nails, consult your doctor. An antibiotic may be necessary to help your kid get rid of the infection. Cover your kid with mittens or socks afterward so the newborn cannot put their hands or feet inside their mouth.

You might be concerned about your baby’s nails. However, cutting a baby’s nails is crucial to prevent itching, infections, and potentially invasive nails. Hopefully, these methods will help you make the process easier. In the comment section below, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about trimming your young one’s nails.

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