4 Baby Tips That Parents Around The World Are Thankful For

Yes, that’s right, parents get lazy too! And by that we don’t mean that they sit on the sofa and lounge the day away (although everyone should have those days once in a while). But with work, personal well being, a social life, a romantic relationship and all your baby’s needs to keep track of, why would you want to do things the long way around? Parents have so much to juggle on a daily basis and the need to make things as easy as possible for their kids never really goes away. But who’s making things easy for you? Unfortunately, you’ve only got yourself. But thankfully, you can keep these tips up your sleeve to make life simple when you’re feeling lazy.

1. Train Your Child To Use The Potty

Most parents dread this task. But potty training your little one doesn’t have to be a disaster. First, make sure to place the potty where your child can easily spot it. This means you can’t hide it in the corner of your bathroom and expect your child to get excited about using it. Place it somewhere obvious, like near the sink and praise your child every time they sit on it, especially at first. Remember that the result is irrelevant. It’s okay if all they want to do is sit on it with their pants on and stare into space for 5 minutes. It’s the thought that counts. You can also put a teddy bear or their favorite plushy on the potty to make it seem like a comfortable, less scary space. Then, just wait and let the magic happen.

2. Manage Your Child’s Temper Tantrums

This one always leaves a parent’s head spinning. But, when in doubt, distract! If your little one has already started to have an outburst, you can keep a bag full of goodies that may act as the potential solution to your problem. This trick works especially well if you’re in a public place. Say for example, you’re at the mall and your child throws a tantrum because they can’t get their hands on all the candy they see. Simply pull out the fun bag and hand them their favorite toy, book or snack in case they are hungry. A good way to stop a tantrum is to redirect your child’s attention and engage them in an alternative activity.

3. Feed A Picky Eater

Food is one of the three basic human needs. Imagine if you forgot to feed your newborn. Your baby would yell the roof off of your place until you gave them a baby bottle. Your child knows best when it comes to when and how much they want to eat. But what about what they eat? When you offer the child varied and colorful food, remember the intention behind it: the most important thing is to not try to persuade them. Children are not the most experimental eaters and usually won’t touch anything they are not accustomed to. So, let your child become really hungry. The appetite is always better when it’s associated with positive emotions.

There’s an easy way to enhance your child’s food pallet. Just let them cook with you and sample ingredients as you make the dish. Or let them come to the grocery store with you and pick out the products you are going to use. Children will be more forthcoming to trying new dishes if they’ve helped make it in some way. Please keep in mind that your child knows when they are hungry and when they are not. If they need a second helping, they will ask. Making them eat large quantities of food only does more harm than good.

4. Get Your Child To Sleep Alone

Come up with a symbol of calm sleep. Sleeping by yourself can be scary and daunting at first so give your child something to comfort them. Maybe this is a night light they can keep switched on, or a cuddle buddy in the form of a stuffed toy or a scented candle or diffuser with a soothing scent. Anything that will make falling asleep in their bed a positive experience.

However, if this doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to get your child and your wallet involved. Increase motivation by going shopping for new bedsheets, curtains and room accessories. You can even let your child come up with a theme for their room. This will make them want to spend more time in their own space and sleep in their room alone.

Now that you know the simple solutions to these common problems, you’ll be able to manage your kids without breaking a sweat. All parents need a couple of tips to keep things easy, no matter how experienced they are. We hope that these tips save you excess time and effort so you too can finally laze around. Happy parenting!

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